Portable X-Frame Quick Pull System


  • European working frame machine, welded with cold high alloy rectangular tubes.
  • Controlled by pneumatic-hydraulic pump, the lifting frame is operated conveniently and quickly.
  • Frame basement is on wheels and can be moved. After fixing vehicle to frame, move them together to specified position.
  • The flexible moving pulling tower can be fixed firmly and moved to accommodate variable pull directions.
  • Main clamps are forged and heat-treated, high strength and long life, fix the vehicle quickly and accurately, also the extension height and angle can be adjustable.
  • Bespoke design, firm fixing and quick operation improve working efficiency.

Platform length – 3500mm
Platform Width – 2000mm
Platform lifting height – 220mm
Pulling tower Max. capacity – 98KN
Pneumatic pressure range – 0.8Mpa
Post working range – 180 degree Max.
Lifting weight – 5000KG
Machine weight – 400KG