Download information on our CRT Panel Repair Systems, SideWinders and Smart Slide Hammer kits here!

Our panel repair systems are most suited for the professional collision repair centre, where repair over replace has become paramount and plays a key role in increasing productivity and profit margins.

The CRT Panel repair systems have been specifically designed to assist with the more extreme panel repairs being carried out on todays passenger vehicles, vans and pickup’s. The versatile pulling bar system with the unique wheel locking clamps attach to the tyre tread, thus eliminating any damage to the alloys rims.

The more conventional systems make repairs to sills more difficult, as they can only pull at right angles. With the CRT Panel Repair Systems, this problem is eradicated, as it is the only round pulling bar system on the market, allowing pulling the damaged panel in the same direction as when the accident originally occurred.

Panel Repair Systems are available for Steel car body repair as well as Aluminum body repair.


  • No waiting for new panels to be ordered or arrive
  • Improves Key to Key cycles
  • Set up time approximately 6 minutes
  • Reduces the need for lengthly courtesy car hire
  • Retains original vehicle manufacture integrity, by reducing the removal of and welding damaged parts
  • Labour saving in MET fitting and stripping.
  • Increased profitability in Panel hours