Short-wave Infra-red Paint Dryer complete with Stand & Timers


Our IR range of paint curing equipment use gold-coated short-wave tubes and reflectors, giving a 97% higher reflectivity and stronger anti-oxidation.  The specially designed reflectors give a more even heat distribution and a larger curing area than most conventional reflectors, therefore reducing power consumption and in turn increasing productivity and the quality of the drying process.
Basic Features and Functions:
  • Digital displays indicating cure time & temperature
  • Mobile stand & adjustable height arm with a reach from 0.2m to 2.3m
  • Pre-heat & Full bake function allowing for gradual temperature increase
  • Lamp cassette assembly can be rotated and swivelled to achieve the best drying position
  • Ideal for polyurethane & water based paint
  • Powerful penetration into the inner paint layer; completely drying double pack paint in 15 minutes & polyester putty in 5 minutes
  • Distance Sensor
  • Dust filters & a cooling fan extend lamp cassette life span up to 6000 hours
    (Features and functions may vary between the different models)